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Truck It Smart Celebrates Trucker Appreciation Week 2015
Posted by Mandy on Monday, September 14, 2015

In honor of Trucker Appreciation Week, September 13-19, Truck It Smart will be giving away $90,000.00 worth of FREE Truck It Smart 6 month Carrier accounts to the first 500 enrollees! 

Go to www. TruckItSmart.com, NOW!

“It’s Driver Appreciation Week and we want to express our appreciation.” said Nick Shaughnessy, President/CEO of Truck It Smart.  “We know your dedication and understand your daily sacrifice being away from family and friends so from the bottom of our heart, Thank You for keeping our country moving.”

Nick will personally be calling each and every trucker that receives a Truck It Smart free 6 month account to speak with them and thank them for the work that they do. 

Thank you again to all Truckers!!!  We truly appreciate you!

Congratulations to the Truck It Smart winners of the Rand McNally TND™ Tablet
Posted by Mandy on Monday, September 07, 2015

Congratulations to the Truck It Smart winners of the Rand McNally TND™ tablet giveaway at the Great American Trucking Show (GATS), Brad and Brittney Barnes!  We are so excited for you to win this game changing tablet.  

Truck It Smart is proud to be the exclusive pre-loaded Internet Load Board on the Rand McNally TND™ tablet!  

Photo Gallery: Congratulations to the Truck It Smart winners of the Rand McNally TND™ Tablet

Truck It Smart Announces Integration with Transport Pro
Posted by Mandy on Monday, September 07, 2015

August 2015, Truck It Smart, LLC (TIS), Haines City, FL, the world’s most user-friendly load board announced the integration of TIS v.3.6 with Transport Pro Inc., Nashville, Tennessee, a cloud based freight management and financial system.


“I am delighted to participate in this strategic product integration with Transport Pro” said Nick Shaughnessy, President/CEO of Truck It Smart.   “Kenneth and his team at Transport Pro are industry leaders in providing robust integrated solutions, near real time updates and transparent business practices that will help our mutual customers grow their businesses faster.”


“Our customers depend on Transport Pro to provide solutions to streamline operations and improve productivity” said Kenneth Kloeppel, Director of Technology. “The integration with Truck It Smart helps Transport Pro brokerage customers further simplify the load posting process. In a few clicks, brokers can post available freight directly to the Truck It Smart load board and...

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Truck It Smart Implements Provision for Required Pricing Structure
Posted by Mandy on Monday, September 07, 2015

The #1 question I get asked from independent owner operators around the country at trade shows is "Do you display the rates in your search results?”  I am pleased to announce that we at Truck It Smart “listen” and have made the provision in our software version 3.6 for shippers and brokers to provide and display rates a requirement and give priority to rated loads received from third parties.  When discussing the provision of rates, aka pricing, the challenge has always been how to please both the carrier and broker.  We aren’t going to please everyone, all the time, but the time is right for our industry to move to the next level and that is not a matter of if this approach gets fully adopted, but when it becomes the industry standard.  We know that your time is important, so why waste it on a cheap load?  Our approach is simple.  It’s all about speed and transparency.  I have seen other industries transformed by similar open practices.  It is innovative and it will be an industry...

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Nick Shaughnessy, President/CEO Truck It Smart, discusses Required Pricing
Posted by Mandy on Thursday, September 03, 2015

The challenge of pricing has always been how to please both the Carrier and the Broker.  The Broker wants the Carrier to call and negotiate.  The Carrier is tired of calling a broker and participating in many instances, time consuming and non productive calls on a less than desirable rate.  I can see the benefit to the Carrier and the negative to the Broker.  The Carrier goes right to the more profitable loads and avoids multiple time absorbing phone calls.  The Broker has a customer base they need to protect and they would rather not share their pricing strategy with their competion. 

Carriers have asked me repeatedly, "When are you going to put priced loads on Truck It Smart?"   We are not going to please everyone but if we don’t implement what our audience is requesting we should stop going to trade shows and seeking their input.  Our solution was simple.  That’s why we are excited to announce our Required Pricing. 

For the Brokers price protection we have given them a range of...

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Truck It Smart Loadboard Users to Benefit from Integration with ScoopMonkey.com
Posted by Mandy on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

HAINES CITY, Fla., June 24, 2015  Truck It Smart, LLC, the world's most user-friendly load board and freight-matching site, has partnered with ScoopMonkey.com, an industry reviews site to provide truckers and brokers the ability to manage company ratings and reviews.

"I am delighted to participate in this strategic partnership with ScoopMonkey," said Nick Shaughnessy, President and CEO of Truck It Smart. "They are the emerging industry leader of reputation reporting and management to the trucking industry." 

Truck It Smart recently released version 3.5, which has significant feature enhancements including Smart Match and Hot Zones. Smart Match enables the carrier to automatically view matching results after posting, saving time when seconds count. Hot Zones allows the carrier and brokers to view recently posted loads and trucks by region to quickly see areas with high availability. TIS version 3.5 is cloud-based with a new modern design and is available on all mobile devices, as...

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Photo Gallery: Truck It Smart Loadboard Users to Benefit from Integration with ScoopMonkey.com

Transport Topics article about Rand McNally’s New Game Changing TND™ Tablet
Posted by Mandy on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Truck It Smart is excited to be the exclusive pre-loaded internet load board on Rand McNally's game changing TND™ Tablet!  Click the link below to read the article in Transport Topics on Rand McNally's new TND™ Tablet

Steelhead Finance and Truck It Smart Team Up For Second Year
Posted by Mandy on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Steelhead Finance is teaming up with the most user friendly freight load board, Truck It Smart. These national companies have matching customer service approaches and excellent reputations serving the trucking industry. Their new introductory promotion of two-months FREE Load Board Access will kick-off at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY March 26-28.

Steelhead Finance is a 34 year old freight factoring specialist. They customize factoring programs to suit the particular needs of an owner-operator or freight broker. According to Rich Templeton, VP of Sales & Marketing, “Using the Truck It Smart load board helps O-O’s and brokers move more freight. They use our 24/7 credit checking services to reduce their risks of a slow-or-no-pay customers. This Truck It Smart promotional discount puts them on a path toward financial stability and growth. Getting steady loads and consistently getting paid, frees up our business owners to run their business, not be run by their...

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Truck It Smart Announces Integration with Infinity Software Systems
Posted by Mandy on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Truck It Smart, the world’s most user-friendly load board and freight-matching site announces the integration of TIS v. 3.5 with Infinity Software Systems, Decatur, Alabama, a recognized and proven TMS solutions provider.

“I am delighted to participate in this strategic product integration with Infinity Software Solutions,” said Nick Shaughnessy, President/CEO of Truck It Smart.  “I personally know Joe McAlpin and have used his solution with very positive results for years.  They are a recognized provider of solutions to the transportation industry and I look forward to helping our mutual customers grow their business faster.

“ISS is proud to be a part of the Truck It Smart team” says Joe McAlpin, President of Infinity Software Solutions.  “This interface will allow our mutual customers to post their freight directly to the load board saving time as well as covering their loads faster and more efficiently.  Truck It Smart is proving to be a valuable asset to carriers and brokers...

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Truck It Smart featured in Heavy Duty Trucking Article
Posted by Mandy on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Truck It Smart President, Nick Shaughnessy, was recently interviewed for an article in the publication Heavy Duty Trucking.  Click on the link below to read what Nick, along with other load board executives, had to say about the trucking industry and how load boards have evolved over the years.


Truck It Smart Announces Availability of Integration Tool Kit
Posted by Mandy on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Truck It Smart the world’s most user-friendly load board and freight-matching site announces the availability of its integration tool kit that enables rapid integration between TIS v3.5 with other software solutions.

 “I am delighted to offer this toolkit to the market,” said Nick Shaughnessy, President/CEO of Truck It Smart. “This will enable seamless integration of solutions that will enable brokers to quickly post and manage loads.” 

“Our documented APIs are bundled with rapid deployment technical services to deliver tested integration typically within 30 days.” said Amanda Shaughnessy, TIS Vice President “I look forward to meeting with system providers at MATS to build bridges between applications and add more velocity into the trucking industry. 

Truck It Smart will be attending The Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) March 26-28, 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky – Booth # 68124.   Please stop by and see how we can help with your trucking solution requirements. 

Truck It Smart will...

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Truck It Smart Announces Pre-Installed App on Rand McNally’s Game-Changing TND™ Tablet
Posted by Mandy on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Truck It Smart Announces Pre-Installed App on Rand McNally’s Game-Changing TND™ Tablet

February 2015, Truck It Smart, LLC the world’s most user-friendly load board announces the availability of their latest freight-matching software preloaded on Rand McNally’s new TND™ Tablet.  This revolutionary tablet has a sharp 8” screen using the Android platform and is uniquely designed for the professional driver who is looking for a single device that does it all for the truck, for business and for life. 

“I am delighted to participate with Rand McNally in the launch of this game-changing product,” said Nick Shaughnessy, President/CEO of Truck It Smart. “They are a nationally recognized brand with superior products and a record of innovation. I look forward to helping our mutual customers in the trucking industry grow their businesses faster.”

The tablet has advanced TND™ truck GPS technology, and can access social media and download entertainment in addition to having preloaded best in...

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Truck It Smart Announces New Freight Matching Software
Posted by Mandy on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Truck It Smart, LLC, the world’s most user friendly load board, announces the availability of their latest freight matching software, Truck It Smart Version 3.5, which has multiple features and enhancements that add to carrier and broker productivity and profits.

 “I want to thank my TIS users, our partners, and my colleagues.  TIS is designed by Trucking Professionals for Trucking Professionals.” said Nick Shaughnessy, President of Truck It Smart. “Additionally, Version 3.5 has an entirely new and modern look that makes our solution easier to use and completely accessible on all mobile devices. I am gratified by the feedback from users who have migrated to Version 3.5.”

“Furthermore, we have lowered prices.” said Mr. Shaughnessy, “TIS is now the best value for freight matching solutions in the industry.”

Go to http://www.truckitsmart.com

About Truck It Smart

Truck It Smart, LLC (Haines City, FL) is a modern freight matching solution that connects users to a database of trucking...

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OverDrive Magazine Article “Happy People Have Sunburned Knees”
Posted by Mandy on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Truck It Smart President, Nick Shaughnessy, took George and Wendy from The George and Wendy Show airboating riding.  It was quite the experience for George and Wendy!!  See what Wendy has to say in Overdrive Magazine about the ride!


Rosemary Day's avatar Load Up!
Posted by Rosemary Day on Monday, November 03, 2014

It is no secret, trucking can be a lonely profession.  Many truck drivers find that taking a pet along for the ride can make the trip much more enjoyable.  It is also a proven fact that pets can reduce stress and just simply make you smile.

There are several advantages to bringing Rascal or Sassy along.  First of all, they love you-unconditionally.   After a long day of traveling or a night’s sleep, they are always happy to be with you.  That makes the road less lonesome.  They can be great traveling companions.  Always there to listen to you and they rarely argue!  They don’t criticize your driving or complain about the radio stations you like to listen to.  They make great security guards.  They will let you know if something suspicious is happening around the truck.  They can be a good alarm system. 

While taking a furry friend with you on the road can be an enjoyable experience, there are responsibilities to be considered for their care and safety.   First of all, make sure you...

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Nick Shaughnessy's avatar The Customer is Always Right
Posted by Nick Shaughnessy on Monday, May 12, 2014

All Super Market Chains greet you with a smile at the store entrance or at their cash register when checking out.  That expected cheerful welcome is not always the case at the back entrance where the deliveries are made, even though truck drivers are spending money inside the store as well!  I’m not sure why the trucker seems to be placed at the bottom of the food chain in our industry because without them shelves would be empty.  Through the years, just like a kid trying to see what they can get away with, Retail Supermarkets have passed costs onto vendors and carriers.   So why tax the person bringing you the stuff that makes you money? Why?  Because they can!

Because the customer is always right! Right?  Truckers have been targeted as an additional revenue stream that’s going viral, for all the wrong reasons.   They call it delivery Compliance. There’s a truck around every corner seems to be the mentality.  One Chain implemented their delivery compliance because they felt drivers...

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Rosemary Day's avatar Electronic Logs: Ready or Not Here They Come
Posted by Rosemary Day on Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Technology is ever changing and the trucking industry does not intend to be left behind especially if the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has anything to do with it.   The FMCSA has announced a proposal to require interstate commercial truck and bus companies to use Electronic Logging Devices in their vehicles.  The new ruling will require compliance by late 2016.

Electronic logbooks eliminate the “headache” of paperwork allowing the driver more time to focus on his or her job – getting from point A to point B safely and efficiently.  Through a mobile app, like Big Road, or hardware devices, such as Rand McNally’s TND 760 Fleet Edition, drivers can easily manage trip information.  They can also be alerted ahead of time as to when they will reach their HOS duty limit and breeze through DOT inspections due to the accuracy and reliability of electronic logbooks.  This reduces the risks of violations, cost of fines and time lost from being detained during an inspection.


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Photo Gallery: Electronic Logs: Ready or Not Here They Come

Melissa Conn's avatar Interested in Becoming a Freight Broker?
Posted by Melissa Conn on Wednesday, February 06, 2013

There are many hands in the transportation industry and getting freight from one location to another requires coordination. Truck It Smart will be interviewing a variety if shippers, brokers, truckers, and everyone in between in order to get real life insight from the people in the trenches. Interested in becoming a freight broker? Here is an easy step-by-step guide to get you started. 

1. Get educated and informed first. You may be excited at the prospect of operating a lucrative brokerage but before any venture getting all the right information and knowledge to perform the job is key. There are plenty of courses you can find online or getting hands on and working for a brokerage would give you the real time experience.

2. Ok, now you have some experience and education, its time to register for with a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as a freight broker. File for the op-1 application for the Motor Property Carrier and Broker Authority The registration fee is $300. You...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Poll Results: Truckers Find EOBRs Unbeneficial
Posted by Melissa Conn on Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We were privileged to have the opportunity to poll our followers and customers concerning the Electronic Onboard Recorder mandate. See the results above out of 526 respondents.

Participants based responses on a scale of 1 to 10 ( 1 = not beneficial at all   5 = no difference  10 = extremely beneficial)

Installation of electronic onboard recording devices (EOBR's) will be mandatory as of January 2014. Controversy surrounds the small devices. Truckers oppose the regulations because of privacy concerns and a notion that the devices will be used as a tool to elicit as many driving hours out of the drivers as possible. Many owner operators and small trucking firms are concerned about the costs to implement the devices. The overall cost for the trucking industry is estimated at $2 billion.

Basic Facts about EOBRS

  • The EOBR requirement does not mandate transmission of information to homes offices or to shippers or carriers. 
  • If the EOBR is broken, drivers can switch to a handwritten...

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Melissa Conn's avatar The Best Smart Phone Apps for Truckers
Posted by Melissa Conn on Thursday, January 17, 2013

We always want to give you the best information to help you get your job completed whether its hauling oranges 2,000 miles or ensuring a load is delivered to Texas on time for your clients. One of the most important tools for anyone on transportation is their smartphone.

Do you ever wonder: Where is the closest and least expensive place to fuel up? Or I need a shower, where can a clean up and grab a bite to eat? We have the answer or the app to answer the questions.

Here are five of the most highly ranked apps to find fuel for you and your rig 

GasBuddy This app will help you find the cheapest gas stations by locating the nearest station with the station’s current gas price. The cool element of this app is users are encouraged report gas prices and receive points towards giveaways. Cost Free


All_stays_truck_appAllstays - Truck Stops & Travel Plazas This application verifies your location and shows all points in a map view or you can choose to receive a text with a list of the nearest stops. When...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Five More Tips for Safe Driving Practices
Posted by Melissa Conn on Thursday, January 10, 2013

Last week we discussed National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) 2012 highway crash survey and highway related deaths for large vehicle crashes. As part of our public awareness efforts to keep the roads safe, we shared easy methods for drivers with smaller vehicles and cars to stay safe while travelling with the larger commercial vehicles. 

This week we focused on larger vehicles. Here’s our Top Five Tips for drivers with large vehicles.

  • The most important tip is to take care of you. Driver fatigue is caused by a lack of proper rest (you really need 6-8 hours depending on your age) and an unhealthy diet. We know that sometimes a comfort away from home is eating your favorite foods. Make the less healthy foods more of a treat and not a daily meal. Drink plenty of water; dehydration can make you feel lightheaded. 
  • Be aware of work zones and slow down. Work zones can be frustrating, please remember to give the truck plenty of room and slow down. About one-third of...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Safe Driving Tips for Everyone
Posted by Melissa Conn on Friday, January 04, 2013

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported the final findings for highway crashes in 2012. The studies revealed a 20% increase in truck occupant accident related deaths in 2012 and injuries increased by 15% when compared to 2011.

As a part of a public service, we would like to share helpful tips for every driver on the road.  We have gathered feedback from many drivers and everyone has expressed concern for driver awareness when travelling with large trucks on our highways. Share our tips with everyone and help make our roads safer.

As you approach a large truck be aware because they behave differently from cars.

  • Trucks have large blind spots.  The rule is if you can't see a truck's side mirrors, the truck driver can't see you.
  • Do not pass a truck on the right while the truck is turning to the right. Trucks swing wide to the left to navigate right turns safely.
  • When changing lanes avoid cutting in front of a large vehicle. Trucks and busses both require...

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Melissa Conn's avatar The Twelve Days of Christmas - Trucker Style
Posted by Melissa Conn on Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We dedicate the Twelve Days of Christmas - Trucker Style to all the drivers who spend hours on the road being the "Highway Santa" to ensure everyone has a wonderful Christmas. 

On the twelfth day of Christmas my shipper sent with me,

Twelve pallets loaded, 

Eleven trucks honking, 

Ten truck stop dinners,

Nine LA Rookie Trucking Poems

Eights hours sleeping,

Seven highways traveled,

Six cars swerving, 

Five diesel stops,

Four brake lights blown, 

Three traffic jams, 

Two cups of coffee, 

And one co-pilot in the right seat!

Melissa Conn's avatar Top Five Gifts for Truckers
Posted by Melissa Conn on Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We talked to our trucker friends and made a list and checked it twice! Here are some of the top choices for gifts this year. 

GPS Unit

Make sure your favorite trucker never gets lost.

Many GPS units come with lifetime maps, you just need to plug the GPS unit into your computer and update it for the most recent maps. Features can include lane assist to guide drivers to the correct lane when approaching turn or exit for easier navigation in unfamiliar intersections and exits. Other options that are helpful to truckers is the ability to save trips and information for each trip like destination, time, average mph, etc. Don’t forget the mounting hardware.

Bluetooth Headset

Talk on the phone hands free.

New federal regulations do not allow truck drivers to talk on their cell phones while driving. Help a trucker keep in touch with family and friends while on the road hands free with a Bluetooth headset. Most smartphones have Bluetooth technology and are easy to use.

Heated Blanket


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Melissa Conn's avatar FMCSA Finalizes Regulation Changes
Posted by Melissa Conn on Thursday, December 06, 2012

On Monday, the FMCSA made the final rule on changes to the Safety Measurement System. Eleven major changes were passed, after much debate and input from major industry stakeholders. The changes read as follows from FMCSA:

1.  Strengthening the Vehicle Maintenance Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category (BASIC) by incorporating cargo/load securement violations from the Cargo-Related BASIC.

2. Changing the Cargo-Related BASIC to the Hazardous Materials (HM) Compliance BASIC to better identify HM-related safety and compliance problems.

3. Better aligning the SMS with Intermodal Equipment Provider (IEP) regulations.

4. Aligning violations that are included in the SMS with Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspection levels by eliminating vehicle violations derived from driver-only inspections and driver violations from vehicle-only inspections.

5. More accurately identifying carriers that transport significant quantities of HM (Hazard Materials).

6. More accurately...

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Melissa Conn's avatar What regulations will FMCSA change next?
Posted by Melissa Conn on Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The hours-of-service regulations FMCSA plans on changing are currently under review at the Office of Management and Budget. A court filing on November 28th states FMCSA plans on making a final rule on changes within the next 30 days.

The motion requests to keep the case open until the final regulations are released. The filing is a joint motion to oversee additional proceedings filed by FMCSA, along with plaintiffs Public Citizen, Advocates for Highway Safety and Truck Safety Coalition.

However, the filing does not describe any changes to the current regulation. The only information that is for public view is:

“This rulemaking would propose changes to the hours of service requirements for drivers operating a commercial motor vehicle transporting property. The requirement for this rulemaking was established on Oct. 26, 2009, when Public Citizen et al. (petitioners) and FMCSA entered into a settlement agreement under which petitioners´ petition for judicial review of the Nov. 19,...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Trucking Industry Responds with Relief
Posted by Melissa Conn on Friday, November 16, 2012

It’s refreshing to witness everyone doing their part in relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy. In light of the holidays, we would like to share how we are thankful for truckers.

Before hurricane Sandy was expected to hit Northeastern United States, the trucking industry coordinated with companies who supplied building supplies and basic essentials. Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid and other similar companies worked with local trucking companies to get freight loaded and sent to an accessible location for after the storm.

Local companies and truckers also stepped into action to gather supplies and deliver relief.

One Louisiana trucking company partnered with a local parish to collect and deliver donations to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Arabie Trucking and Lafourche Parish has collected dog food, blankets, batteries, groceries all scheduled to be delivered to New Jersey. Dee Arabie from Arabie Trucking explains her experience after Hurricane Gustav affected her family, “I didn't really have...

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Clayton Tyler's avatar Driver Shortage Continues to be a Worry
Posted by Clayton Tyler on Thursday, November 08, 2012

We recently wrote about the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) 2012 survey of the most concerning issues for the trucking industry. One of the major alarms for the trucking industry is the regulations included in the Transportation Bill of 2012 in conjunction with the modifications to FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety and Accountability program. 

The ATA said motor carriers continue to struggle to find qualified, professional drivers, as 90 percent of for-hire truckload carriers reported not finding enough drivers who are capable of meeting Department of Transportation requirements.

The trucking industry adds new jobs to the labor pool monthly and has demonstrated continuous growth throughout 2012. 

The Savannah Morning News, reported  Georgia-based Tribe Transportation just added 10 new trucks to its tractor-trailer fleet and can’t find drivers. One example of how a driver shortage is impeding growth.

Many of the causes for the driver shortage problems are...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Tips for Driving in Poor Weather
Posted by Melissa Conn on Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy rocked the Northeastern United States this week causing road and bridge closures while leaving an estimated 750,000 people without power. We want drivers and truckers to be safe when driving in terrible conditions. Here's some easy tips for safer driving, get to your destination with your family or freight safely.

Regular maintenance is the easiest way to stay safe while driving in rainy weather conditions.

·       Replace wipers when needed

·       Check tire pressure & replace tires regularly

·       Ensure brakes work properly

How you drive can also make a difference in terrible driving conditions.

·       Remember the road is slickest within the first 30 minutes of rainfall, making driving more dangerous.

·       Avoid lane changes

·       Slow down & drive cautiously though water.

·       Keep a safe distance especially from large trucks. If it is raining, large trucks will emit a large spray. If you are too close to it, the water can temporarily  blind  ...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Hauling Federal Freight
Posted by Melissa Conn on Friday, October 26, 2012

Are you a carrier looking to entering the federal market? Working with the federal government includes two positives: The governments's constant need for transportation services and a reputation for paying bills on time. The government needs to transport helicopters, emergency supplies, temporary shelters and offices, equipment and a plethora of other items.

The American Trucking Association (ATA) recently hosted an educational seminar on how to get government contracts. The two major carriers are the Department of Defense and the General Services Administration. The General Services Administration organizes the shipping for most of the executive branch. One thing to remember is if your company is hauling any type of ammunition, you will need security clearance, which involves a lengthy application process.

The director of government traffic and security operations for ATA, Bill Wanamaker, explains one method of acquiring government contracts is to hire a consultant. Some companies...

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Nick Shaughnessy's avatar Trucking Survey Reveals Top Concerns for 2012
Posted by Nick Shaughnessy on Thursday, October 18, 2012

American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) is a non-profit research organization for the trucking industry. Each year the American Transportation Research Institute performs a survey related specifically to the top concerns for the trucking industry. This year, over 4,000 industry executives  participated in rating the top ten most critical issues.  Respondents also shared approaches to remedy the issues.

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) shared the list this week of top ten critical issues for the trucking industry. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMSCA) Compliance, Safety, Accountability or CSA program. Over the past year, a change in transportation legislation and FMSCA regulations has caused concern for carriers and shippers. Changes to federal hours-of-services guidelines and the reduction in available drive time is a concern.

Driver shortage and the economy still remain on the list for top ten issues. The American...

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Melissa Conn's avatar FMCSA Changes will Affect the Trucking Industry
Posted by Melissa Conn on Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Last week we discussed the changes to the safety scoring system or BASICS under the FMCSA Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) program. The Safety Measurement System (SMS) under the Compliance, Safety and Accountability website will change as of December 2012. FMCSA conducted a public survey and forum. Some of the suggestions proposed by industry officials, drivers, shippers, brokers and carriers, will be implemented for more consistent and accurate reporting.

The following changes will be made to the reporting system.

Removing 1 to 5 mph speeding violations

FMCSA aligned speeding violations to be consistent with current speedometer regulations that require speedometers to be accurate within 5 mph. Applies to the prior 24 months of data used by SMS and all SMS data moving forward. 

Lowering the severity weight for speeding violations that do not designate MPH range above the speed limit.

The severity weight will be lowered to 1 for violations.

Aligning paper and...

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Clayton Tyler's avatar Heading to Charlotte for the Diesel Super Show!
Posted by Clayton Tyler on Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Truck It Smart Team is packing their bags and heading to Charlotte, North Carolina. The 3rd annual Charlotte Diesel Super Show begins Friday October 6th and continues all day Saturday. We will be demonstrating our latest load board features and enjoying the festivities.

The Charlotte Show Diesel Super Show features drag racing, monster truck demonstrations and rides, a funny car race and live music. Or you can drag your truck as part of the truck drag competition. Witness two world record attempts by Jesse Toler for the longest stoppie on a motorcycle and Aaron’s Outdoor monster truck as he attempts a world speed record.  

Ready to go? Come by and say hello to the Truck It Smart Team at booth T116. We love to meet new people and making friends!

Learn more about the Charlotte Diesel Super Show.

Melissa Conn's avatar FMCSA Changes Safety Program for Shippers & Carriers
Posted by Melissa Conn on Wednesday, September 26, 2012

There are many proposed changes in transportation regulations and funding for the upcoming year. The FMCSA is modifying the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability Program (CSA). The CSA program was designed to help eliminate drivers that have a pattern of being involved in accidents.

Part of the CSA Program is the Safety Management System, which measures and reports safety performance for carriers and drivers. The CSA grades interstate organizations on seven categories collectively called Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories also known as BASICS. The categories are driving, fatigued driving, driver fitness, alcohol and drugs, vehicle maintenance, cargo security and crash history.

According the CSA, “After a measurement is determined, the carrier is then placed in a peer group (e.g., other carriers with similar numbers of inspections). Percentiles from 0 to 100 are then determined by comparing the BASIC measurements of the carrier to the measurements of other...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Trucking Companies Coalition Group pushes EOBRs
Posted by Melissa Conn on Friday, September 14, 2012

The Alliance for Driver Safety and Security promoted the recent push for Electronic Onboard Recorders for commercial trucks in the transportation bill passed a few months ago. The group is advocating the EOBR mandate to go into affect next year. The measure is still being reviewed and organizations like OOIDA are making strides to remove the mandatory EOBR language from the bill entirely.

The Alliance for Driver Safety and Security will be continuing to work on other controversial issues over the next two years 

The issues include:

  • Other procedures for drug & alcohol testing measures
  • Mandatory speed governors on trucks
  • Increasing financial requirements for the start-up of a new trucking company

Read more about EOBR's and the transportation bill. 

Melissa Conn's avatar Trucking Industry Adds 1,400 Jobs
Posted by Melissa Conn on Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Trucking industry jobs show a steady increase for every month so far this year. Almost 1,400 jobs were added in the month of August according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The highest increase yet this year. This year’s statistics on job increases average higher than last year.

Adding new jobs to the industry is a good sign and August’s increase was the second largest since March. Driver shortages and high turnover rates in the industry have an impact on the number of new positions. Some provisions of the transportation bill passed in June 2012 are anticipated to have a negative affect on the industry. Two controversial  measures included in the bill create added cost for shippers and carriers.  The broker bond increase and the implementation of onboard electronic recording devices for trucks are considered the most important by industry advocacy groups. Some changes are under review and a final decision will not be made until mid 2013.  

The national unemployment rate is...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Free Truck & Load Posting Account from Truck It Smart
Posted by Melissa Conn on Friday, September 07, 2012

The team at Truck It Smart is always searching for new ways to help our customers find trucks and get freight on the road faster and smarter. 

We are introducing a new free truck and load posting account. Shippers, carriers, brokers, owner operators and everyone in between can utilize the account. No credit card required to sign up and registration takes only a few minutes.  The free account also includes multiple truck and load postings option to help you save time.

Truck It Smart President, Nick Shaughnessy, explains, “From our experience, we feel too many hands are in the truckers’ pockets. In order to save everyone some money, we are offering an additional tool and resource to get loads and find freight. With the free truck and load posting account, everyone benefits.”

Truck It Smart recently launched a live alerts and saved searches feature with our full access account. Ready to sign up? 

Melissa Conn's avatar More Tips to Save Money on Fuel for your Truck or Fleet
Posted by Melissa Conn on Friday, August 31, 2012

Last week we discussed how to save money on gas without spending money. This week we will review how improvements to your trucks can help save on fuel costs.

Install a fuel economy gauge in your truck

This will give you a real time measurement of a truck’s mileage performance. Then you can adjust your driving accordingly to save the most bucks.

Install aerodynamic equipment

California has stricter fuel efficiency standards than most states.  Certain aerodynamic equipment meets EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).  

  • Air deflectors on the roof help reduce drag.
  • Cab extenders help eliminate the gap between the cab and the trailer.
  • Side skirts will help with the cross air under the truck and will increase fuel savings. Pair them with more aerodynamic bumpers and you will have a saving combination.

Use a GPS System

A GPS System will help you limit extra miles by finding the most direct route. Especially, if you are travelling in unfamiliar...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Truckers & Carriers: Save on Gas & Make More Money
Posted by Melissa Conn on Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It’s safe to assume gas prices are not going down. As one of the biggest costs for the transportation industry, we did some research and interviewed drivers to learn about the most effective ways to save in mileage costs.

Without investing additional money into your rig or fleet, here are tips to reduce gas usage. 

Progressive Shifting

This means using the lowest amount of engine revs possible in each gear while upshifting. Many drivers believe the quickest way to pick up speed is to shift at high rpms. Accelerate by getting into a higher gear sooner and save on fuel consumption. 

Shifts from first to fourth can be performed between 800 and 1,000 rpm. In the top two gears, they could maybe go as high as 1,600 rpm, depending on the engine and how the truck is geared.

Reduce Idle Time 

Drivers leave trucks idling even during moderate weather. There are approximately 5,000 truck stops that offer electrified parking spaces throughout the United States. Another option is...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Calling all Drivers: Your Opinion is Needed
Posted by Melissa Conn on Friday, August 17, 2012

The American Transportation Research Institute is conducting their annual survey focused on critical issues in the trucking industry.

In the 2011 survey, approximately 31 percent of respondents ranked economy as the most important issue. While there is a gradual improvement in the economy, freight volume trends have been mixed in 2011 with less-than-truckload (LTL) and tanker loads experiencing increasing volumes and truckload (TL) and dry van volumes declining slightly mid-year.

The second most important issue in last year's survey was federal rules governing commercial driver Hours-of-Service. This is a heated topic among drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposed changes in December of 2011. The proposed changes – potentially decreasing driving and on-duty times and extending the restart provision – are deemed significant and problematic by the industry, which explains the increased level of concern in the 2011 survey.

This year the survey will focus...

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Clayton Tyler's avatar Meet Us at the Great American Trucking Show
Posted by Clayton Tyler on Friday, August 10, 2012

It’s time for another great trucking show! We love the opportunity to meet our customers and make new friends. We are bringing our guest LA Rookie from the Discovery Channel Show World’s Toughest Trucker.  The Truck It Smart booth is  #21071 close to the Pride & Polish area. Visit our booth and get a picture with LA Rookie.  

The Great American Trucking Show is the nation’s second-largest trucking trade show and offers attendees a wide variety of industry exhibitors and informational sessions. Find a job, attend free educational seminars, get the latest information from top industry leaders or see the amazing works of art at the Custom Rigs Pride & Polish Truck Beauty Contest.

What to do:

  • View Overdrive’s Pride & Polish Truck Beauty Contest where you can check out the sweetest custom rides in the United States.
  • Watch Country Music Artist John Anderson will perform in a free concert on Friday night
  • Visit 100’s of industry exhibitors with special offers and...

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Nick Shaughnessy's avatar New Feature: Point-to-Point Routing with Mileage
Posted by Nick Shaughnessy on Wednesday, August 01, 2012

We are constantly developing our load board in order to give you the best tools possible for both drivers and shippers. Our customers tell us what they want and we listen. Our newest feature is point-to-point mileage and destination for all loads. Here’s a run down of how it works. Once you are logged in chose Find Loads.  



On the Find Loads page you can search for loads by:

  • Location w/ Radius
  • Load Size
  • Equipment Type
  • Equipment Options
  • Load Date
  • Date Posted

When you find a load you are interested in, click the magnifying glass next to the load description for more information. A popup will appear displaying load details.

Load details include: 

  • Pick-up & delivery dates
  • Equipment types, 
  • Rates
  • Point-to-point routing w/ mileage, 
  • Contact Information
  • Credit checks and more

We know its important to know how many miles your will be traveling with your freight. With the new feature your mileage already calculated for you...

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Nick Shaughnessy's avatar Transportation Bill 2012 Update: Bond Increase for Brokers
Posted by Nick Shaughnessy on Friday, July 27, 2012

Message from Nick Shaughnessy, CEO of Truck IT Smart

With 20 years experience in managing a brokerage, I think this increase is punishing the majority of brokers. Truckers deserve assurance they will get paid and 65% increase in a bond punishes smaller, honest brokerage firms. The method in which the transportation bill was passed without much debate on the issue of bonding puts a sour taste in my mouth.

I’m sure many surety providers will be competing to get a jump on this increase and will hopefully offer some discounted rate. Depending on the amount of actual cash surety providers require from brokers will determine if a small broker can weather this storm.  

The other side to the coin is large brokerages and freight forwarding companies will be taking advantage of the opportunity by receiving more freight and starting agent satellite offices.  This could create a monopolistic situation for the brokerage industry. Ultimately this hurts truckers because the larger firms will...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Five Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road
Posted by Melissa Conn on Thursday, July 19, 2012

Truck drivers almost live on the road and life on the road offers challenges. One of the biggest is staying fit to maintain good overall health and well-being. Driver health has become more important than ever, especially since one’s health dictates whether they can continue to drive.

After a bit of research, I found these great tips to help drivers stay healthy and enjoy being on the road. Believe it or not you can find healthy ways to eat on the road at fast food joints.

Don’t super size your meal. I know it’s tempting especially if you’re hungry.  Many fast food places offer fruit as a side. Order fruit or veggies in addition to your meal if you’re starving and your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

Order water instead of soda. Even a small 24oz Coke has almost 300 hundred calories. Drink three sodas a day and you have reached almost half of your daily calorie intake. 

Eat a variety of foods. Order a salad instead and carry fresh fruit and nuts with you. Think color when...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Truck Stop USA
Posted by Melissa Conn on Monday, July 16, 2012

Labeled the Coolest Truck Stop in America, Midway Travel Center is a popular destination not only for truckers but travelers as well. The Travel Channel featured the truck stop in reality series called Truck Stop Missouri. The show was popular enough to bring it back for another season under the name Truck Stop USA. Hundreds of people travel through the center daily to grab a bite, gas up, or visit the 12 business located in the 200 acre site.The locals and travelers add to the charm and uniqueness of the Midway Travel Center.


Get ready to shop and explore:

Spirit of 76 - A Fireworks store with enough fireworks to fill any size truck.

Fearfest Haunted House - Year round haunted house. Visitors can shoot zombies with paintballs.

Midway Antique Mall & Flea Market - The Largest Antique Mall In Missouri. The mall is 60,000 sq ft with 325 booths.

Larry’s Boots - Find 10,000 pairs of boots under one roof.

Under the Gun Tattoo - Get new ink while you take a...

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Melissa Conn's avatar National Shortage of Drivers
Posted by Melissa Conn on Friday, July 06, 2012

Both large and small companies are facing a shortage of drivers all over the nation. The National Trucking Association estimates there is a shortage of 200,000 drivers nationally. Many find this surprising considering the unemployment rate is still at 8% for a national average. Large companies admit it has been difficult finding qualified drivers. Driver turnover reached 89% in 2011 according to the National Trucking Association. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 65,000 transportation jobs were added in the past year further adding to the shortage.

In order to encourage drivers to continue driving or enter the field  many companies are offering hiring bonuses and incentives. Some companies are still looking into increasing wages for drivers however this may result in an increase in cost of shipping.

Why a Shortage of Drivers?

Many drivers are reaching retirement age and not enough younger drivers are entering the industry. Plus, competition from other blue collar...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Transportation Bill 2012 Requires Black Boxes in Trucks
Posted by Melissa Conn on Monday, July 02, 2012

After much debate, the transportation and infrastructure bill was passed on Wednesday. The $109 billion bill is expected to create or save almost 3 million jobs. Some measures of the bill included policies for motor carrier safety.  The bill contains possible mandate for electronic on-board recorders or EOBR’s.

How is this going to affect the freight industry? 

The bill includes language to require all trucks on the road transporting freight between states to have an electronic on-board recorder or EOBR. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will make a decision concerning the mandatory EOBR within a year. The bill explains the recording devices must be able to follow list of strict and unproven technical specs. An EOBR also must also be able to identify a driver themselves, which will require some sort of fool proof bio-identification.

The US government expects the implementation of the recording devices to cost the transportation industry $2 billion...

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Nick Shaughnessy's avatar Are You Loading Cheap Freight?
Posted by Nick Shaughnessy on Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Supply & Demand          

There is always a careful balance of supply and demand in the trucking industry.  Supply and demand is based on drivers verses freight.  Depending on the time of the year, there will be a shortage of trucks or an abundance of freight. Brokers scramble cover loads and negotiate with drivers to get the best rate to transport the freight.

Drivers can get more for Freight

Drivers have the ability to make more money for freight if they did not settle immediately and accept the first offer to get on the road quicker.  Time does equal money, however, when drivers constantly take the low ball offer, drivers ultimately suffer the consequences. When drivers under cut each other to take a load, then brokers have the perception they can offer less and the load will still be delivered.

Just say No!

Unfortunately, whether they know it or not, the trucks set the rate and can be their own worst enemy! When drivers work together and create a demand and say no to...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Exclusive Interview with L.A. Rookie from World’s Toughest Trucker
Posted by Melissa Conn on Friday, June 22, 2012

This week Truck It Smart had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Bill Weekley also known as L.A. Rookie from World’s Toughest Trucker. Rookie recently attended the Great West Truck Show in Las Vegas with Truck It Smart; he helped promote our load board services for the transportation industry as a customer and friend. Rookie began by explaining the origins of his handle L.A. Rookie.

His handle started as ALF after the character on the 80’s sitcom. This name changed early in his driving career. Rookie was maneuvering a tanker through the treacherous roads of northern Pennsylvania. Another driver was ahead of him who was leading the pack. The other driver couldn’t remember ALF so he kept calling him Rookie and the name stuck ever since. Since Rookie’s from Lower Alabama, as he explains by the gulf coast, he added L.A. to it.

L.A. Rookie expresses, “Since I was ‘bout 11 years old, I always wanted to drive”. His Uncle Joe had six trucks and as a child he listened to the...

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Photo Gallery: Exclusive Interview with L.A. Rookie from World’s Toughest Trucker

Nick Shaughnessy's avatar Qualcomm Uses Data to Help Drivers be Safer on the Road
Posted by Nick Shaughnessy on Monday, June 18, 2012

Predictive modeling software developed by FleetRisk Advisors, a division of Qualcomm, helps carriers identify potential risks while drivers on the road. The predictive modeling software processes the data with complex analytical models and the information lends insight into the likelihood of unplanned events such as accidents and breakdowns, as well as driver performance and driver retention.

The data can also illustrate driver stresses that are related to high risk driving like hard breaking or speeding. The goal of the data is to anticipate a risk before it occurs and assist the driver in making adjustments to be safer drivers. One of Qualcomm’s vice presidents, Thom Pronk, explained a situation where a driver’s behavior changed on the road. The company the driver was working for contacted the driver to find out his son had been in an accident. The company was able to the help the driver get off the road and home safely, while assuring him he still had a job.

The predictive...

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Nick Shaughnessy's avatar Road Check 2012 Update for Drivers
Posted by Nick Shaughnessy on Friday, June 15, 2012

During the 72-hour safety campaign called Road Check 2012, drivers and carriers were randomly checked for safety issues throughout North America.  Inspectors checked brakes, medical certificates, tail light violations, and other safety issues.  Drivers were asked to provide their DOT medical qualification certificate and their CDL license. The inspections began on June 5th and continued until the 7th.

If inspectors found the drivers or trucks were dangerously out of compliance, the trucks were taken off the road immediately.

Last year brake violations totaled 21% of the violations. Local and state agencies worked together to perform the inspections. Maryland State Police had 147 officers located along Interstate 95 and 495. Maryland State Police found one driver who confessed to smoking marijuana the day of the inspection.

Another major issue where drivers were out of compliance was hours-of-service logbook violations. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance plans on releasing...

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Melissa Conn's avatar Big Stops for Big Trucks: Top Five Truck Stops for Truckers
Posted by Melissa Conn on Friday, June 08, 2012

We all have our favorite stomping grounds on the road. We've compiled a list of the largest truck stops throughout the United States. Some with amenities better than your home.

Iowa 80 (Walcott, Iowa)

The famous Iowa 80 Truck Stop is known for being the largest truck stop in the United States with over 5,000 trucks arriving daily. The truck stop is more of a destination for drivers, travelers, and locals. The location has 800 parking spaces for tractor-trailers and another 270 spots for cars and busses. After visitors park, they can choose to eat at the 350 seat restaurant with a 50-foot salad bar or shop at the 24/7 Truckers Warehouse Store. After eating or shopping, visitors enjoy watching a movie, getting a haircut, or can visit the dentist.

South of the Border / Porky’s Truck Stop (Dillon, South Carolina)

It is hard to miss this truck stop from the road! A 200 foot sombrero tower wrapped in neon lights is similar to a homing beacon to drivers. Visitors ride an elevator...

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Photo Gallery: Big Stops for Big Trucks: Top Five Truck Stops for Truckers

Melissa Conn's avatar Stay Informed: Roadcheck 2012 in Progress
Posted by Melissa Conn on Thursday, June 07, 2012

Today is the last day of the nationwide program called Roadcheck 2012. Throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico there are approximately 1,500 locations with inspection teams evaluating log books, checking for false log books, and checking brakes.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, Transport Canada, and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (Mexico) are all participants of Roadcheck 2012.

FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro was quoted on Tuesday, "We have put action behind our words.  We will not tolerate unsafe drivers and carriers that endanger the public." OOIDA reports more than 70,000 inspections were performed last year. Most of the findings were positive with 96% of the drivers in compliance. Since the Roadcheck 25 years ago, almost 1,000,000 buses and trucks have been inspected.

Melissa Conn's avatar On the Road Again: The Great West Truck Show
Posted by Melissa Conn on Tuesday, June 05, 2012

L.A Rookie and Jason Johnson of Discovery Channel's <em>Worlds Toughest Truckers</em> driving airboats in Haines City, Florida with Clayton from Truck It Smart

Truck It Smart is getting ready to hit the road to attend The Great West Truck Show in Las Vegas at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. We are thrilled to attend the show; however, we are more excited to share our booth with our guests from the Discovery Channel series World’s Toughest Trucker. Jason Johnson and Bill Weekley, also known as L.A. Rookie, are favorites of fans. Both drivers transported cattle through the roads of the Australian Outback and carried fragile loads through the Indian Himalayas.

Watch L.A. Rookie and Jason Johnson show us their driving skills and take the helm of airboats in Haines City, Florida with Truck It Smart.

Jason Johnson has been a trucker for 13 years. He undoubtedly showed his skill as a driver and navigator on World’s Toughest Trucker. Truck It Smart CEO, Nick Shaughnessy, says, "We're excited to have Jason Johnson from the World's Toughest Trucker AKA Chicken Hawk attend the Great West Truck Show with us. We enjoyed watching him on the...

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Photo Gallery: On the Road Again: The Great West Truck Show

Nick Shaughnessy's avatar Lumper Services: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Posted by Nick Shaughnessy on Thursday, May 31, 2012

Do you pay for lumpers? If you do pay for lumper services, do you receive reimbursement or are you stuck footing the bill to have your trucks unloaded? The Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) has taken on the task to address the concern of drivers paying for lumpers through a nationwide survey with possible litigation depending on the results.

The Good:  Drivers arrive at the destination and lumpers are available to unload the trucks at no cost to the drivers. The fee is covered as drivers happily allow the truck to be unloaded while receiving a break.

The Bad:  Lumpers typically do receive benefits and are forced to share a fee with the docks almost like a subcontractor. This creates the problem of the high prices lumpers charge drivers to unload their freight. However, it is the docks responsibility to unload the trucks as a part of their services. This is completely separate from the individual trucker’s agreement to deliver the freight. Once the load...

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Melissa Conn's avatar State agencies to study truck weights & safety
Posted by Melissa Conn on Friday, May 25, 2012

DOT Information & News for truckers.

The U.S. Department of Transportation will soon be giving funding to state agencies to study the safety of trucks running heavier than allowed by current federal law. An announcement in early April 2012 explained the joint project of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration will require state agencies to collect data from roadside inspections for a weight-focused safety study. The study is intended to determine if higher vehicle weights are connected to safety performance.

A Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration spokesperson explained the study is not related to the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program and the weighting. There was also not comment on whether this study is related to the trucking industry calls for increases in allowable truck weights. 

There is hope by trucking industry leaders who welcome the study and anticipate the study will aid in a better understanding of the relation of truck weights and safety...

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Nick Shaughnessy's avatar Transportation Bill 2012: How is it going to affect truckers & brokers?
Posted by Nick Shaughnessy on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

US Chamber of Commerce speaks to reporters in Washington about the Transportation Bill.

The U.S. Senate passed a two-year $109-billion transportation bill in March 2012 that includes funds for creating truck parking and an electronic onboard recorder mandate which is a controversial subject for many truckers & freight brokers. An amendment will prevent highway tax money from going to privatized highways. Also, the bill excluded a provision to add new tolls to interstates.

The bill creates a grant program that would leverage private resources for infrastructure projects hopefully granting more funds for new roads and repairs. Current funding levels will be maintained, although the depleted Highway Trust Fund for financing highway construction will get additional funds.

How is does this bill affect truckers & brokers?

  • The federal fuel tax will stay the same
  • Freight brokerage rules study of truck crash-worthiness
  • The bill still prohibits sale of food and fuel at interstate rest areas
  • Other bill provisions include reform, an alcohol and drug...

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