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Melissa Conn's avatar Trucking Industry Responds with Relief
Posted by Melissa Conn on Friday, November 16, 2012
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It’s refreshing to witness everyone doing their part in relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy. In light of the holidays, we would like to share how we are thankful for truckers.

Before hurricane Sandy was expected to hit Northeastern United States, the trucking industry coordinated with companies who supplied building supplies and basic essentials. Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid and other similar companies worked with local trucking companies to get freight loaded and sent to an accessible location for after the storm.

Local companies and truckers also stepped into action to gather supplies and deliver relief.

One Louisiana trucking company partnered with a local parish to collect and deliver donations to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Arabie Trucking and Lafourche Parish has collected dog food, blankets, batteries, groceries all scheduled to be delivered to New Jersey. Dee Arabie from Arabie Trucking explains her experience after Hurricane Gustav affected her family, “I didn't really have a home and I know the feeling that people go through when they feel displaced and the stress and everything that comes with that." Two 53-foot trailers filled with goods will offer relief to victims without basic supplies.

Fox Trucking in Maryland almost always joins relief efforts when a disaster hits and Hurricane Sandy wasn’t any different. In the past, Barry Fox and his family has collected relief and grocery goods and provided transportation services to victims of various hurricanes and tornadoes. Now the Fox brothers, Barry’s children, extend support to those in New York and New Jersey struck by Hurricane Sandy.

Truck It Smart is launching Thankful to Truckers week on November 19th. We will be giving away full access load board subscriptions to anyone in the trucking industry that has helped in relief to Hurricane Sandy victims. Truck It Smart encourages anyone to share their stories about their relief efforts through email and social media in order to receive a free full access subscription. Our team has contacted both Aerbie Trucking and  Fox Trucking and we gave both companies a full access account to our load board. 


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