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Nick Shaughnessy, President/CEO Truck It Smart, discusses Required Pricing

Nick Shaughnessy, President/CEO Truck It Smart, discusses Required Pricing

Posted by Mandy on Thursday, September 03, 2015

The challenge of pricing has always been how to please both the Carrier and the Broker.  The Broker wants the Carrier to call and negotiate.  The Carrier is tired of calling a broker and participating in many instances, time consuming and non productive calls on a less than desirable rate.  I can see the benefit to the Carrier and the negative to the Broker.  The Carrier goes right to the more profitable loads and avoids multiple time absorbing phone calls.  The Broker has a customer base they need to protect and they would rather not share their pricing strategy with their competion. 

Carriers have asked me repeatedly, "When are you going to put priced loads on Truck It Smart?"   We are not going to please everyone but if we don’t implement what our audience is requesting we should stop going to trade shows and seeking their input.  Our solution was simple.  That’s why we are excited to announce our Required Pricing. 

For the Brokers price protection we have given them a range of prices to choose from when posting loads.  We understand the Carrier may go with the higher number of the range and there will still be a negotiation process.  However, our main objective for implementing required pricing is to not waste the Carriers time calling on a cheap load.  It’s all about speed and transparency.  This is the first step in our future feature set. We are excited about our next generation of software currently in development that will be available by March 2016 at The Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS). 

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