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Poll Results: Truckers Find EOBRs Unbeneficial

Poll Results: Truckers Find EOBRs Unbeneficial

Posted by Melissa Conn on Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We were privileged to have the opportunity to poll our followers and customers concerning the Electronic Onboard Recorder mandate. See the results above out of 526 respondents.

Participants based responses on a scale of 1 to 10 ( 1 = not beneficial at all   5 = no difference  10 = extremely beneficial)

Installation of electronic onboard recording devices (EOBR's) will be mandatory as of January 2014. Controversy surrounds the small devices. Truckers oppose the regulations because of privacy concerns and a notion that the devices will be used as a tool to elicit as many driving hours out of the drivers as possible. Many owner operators and small trucking firms are concerned about the costs to implement the devices. The overall cost for the trucking industry is estimated at $2 billion.

Basic Facts about EOBRS

  • The EOBR requirement does not mandate transmission of information to homes offices or to shippers or carriers. 
  • If the EOBR is broken, drivers can switch to a handwritten logbook until the device is fixed. 
  • The bill includes a section that specifically states EOBR's will not be used to harass a vehicle operator.
  • EOBRs do not record personal information.
  • The rationale behind implementing EOBR's is it will improve safety by ensuring drivers to not go our HOS limit and become fatigued resulting in less accidents
  • The only information EOBRs are required to capture is when the truck engine is turned on/off and when the trucks is being driven.

Source: FMCSA 

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