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Safe Driving Tips for Everyone

Safe Driving Tips for Everyone

Posted by Melissa Conn on Friday, January 04, 2013

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported the final findings for highway crashes in 2012. The studies revealed a 20% increase in truck occupant accident related deaths in 2012 and injuries increased by 15% when compared to 2011.

As a part of a public service, we would like to share helpful tips for every driver on the road.  We have gathered feedback from many drivers and everyone has expressed concern for driver awareness when travelling with large trucks on our highways. Share our tips with everyone and help make our roads safer.

As you approach a large truck be aware because they behave differently from cars.

  • Trucks have large blind spots.  The rule is if you can't see a truck's side mirrors, the truck driver can't see you.
  • Do not pass a truck on the right while the truck is turning to the right. Trucks swing wide to the left to navigate right turns safely.
  • When changing lanes avoid cutting in front of a large vehicle. Trucks and busses both require a longer stopping distance. Causing a large vehicle to stop quickly when you pull in front of them can cause a serious accident.
  • When passing a large truck accelerate slightly and maintain a consistent speed while passing. Want until you can see the entire truck in your rearview mirror before completing pass.
  • Give trucks at least four to six seconds of space in wet conditions and at highway speeds.

Please share the article, we want everyone to arrive at their destination safely.

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Source: NHTSA

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